Jean-Michel COTTA


"We have been producers of essential oils in Puimoisson for several generations, and my son is now establishing himself up as well. The flame won’t go out any time soon. It's a true family business.

I have been a cooperator since my establishment and president since 2011. I quickly understood the importance of the collective. The cooperation is part of who I am. This is why I wanted to become president. I wanted to devote myself to the cooperative and my colleagues. I am also convinced that we have a role to play in the development of our territory.

I am for an agriculture that respects decision rights. The cooperative allows us to take control. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and am very fond of innovation to get the job done right.

I am very present in the cooperative, but I also spend time in my fields. This is essential for me. To be a good president, you have to be a good farmer !" "


Sales Director

I joined the SCA3P in March 2022, after a career of more than 10 years in the sales function, including 9 years within the McCormick Group (Ducros & Vahiné brands) in the Sales Department.

I am in charge of managing the relationship with our customers by responding to various tenders, conducting negotiations and prospecting new markets.

I am also in charge of marketing strategy, communication, and co-direction through management, the implementation of new projects and the representation of the structure to the authorities of the profession.

I have at heart to build long-term partnerships with our customers, to meet their needs, while developing the sales of the cooperative and putting my know-how at the service of our member producers. My motto: "alone we go faster, together we go further".


Technical Director

"After attending the Interprofessional Technical Institute for Perfume, Medicinal, Aromatic and Industrial Plants (ITEIPMAI), I joined SCA3P as an agricultural technician.

Little by little, we realized that I was doing more and more quality control in view of customer demand. A quality manager position was therefore created in 2019. My role is quite broad and covers everything related to quality and product standards. I handle essential oil essentier samples. In the distilleries, I control the production and respond to requests for traceability.

To meet customer specifications, I check the compatibility of essential oils for blends. In the field, I manage all the technical aspects and support clients with regard to regulations with Nathalie.

In addition, I have a broad view of what is going on in the cellar and I establish procedures. I also help Maxime to support producers who want to get into new crops."



"After several internships at the cooperative, I was hired in September 2019 to take charge of all technical support for production.

I make recommendations to producers, for example concerning phytosanitary products. I advise them on cultural practices, for example for starting new crops.

I also manage the pooling of crop sites in conjunction with various partners, especially for immortelle flowers and coriander. I also monitor crops for the presence of pests in view of grower intervention.

I can also make recommendations for planting based on requests made to the cooperative or requests from producers by helping them to set up new plantations. I maintain the link between the producers and the cooperative."

Nathalie SORSANA

Sales assistant

“I have worked at the cooperative for over 20 years and served in many different positions.

I was first a secretary, then I was trained in accounting, and today I manage transport, order tracking, and inventory with Romain and Alexis.

I am also in charge of re-entry which usually takes place in September. I coordinate production delivery with producers so that they don’t all come at once.

Another aspect of my job is that I handle customer orders and liaise with the cellarman to handle those orders.

Upon customer approval, I request samples from Romain before launching production with the cellarman.”



"Having previously managed silos at a grain cooperative, getting hired at SCA3P meant switching from durum wheat grains to essential oils.

I arrived in 2018, and after being trained by my predecessor, I was able to take over cellar operations. I receive essential oils from members and then constitute “communelles”, which are blends of several batches of the same natural essence.

I then apply the processes put in place to meet customer demand: filtration, blending, inerting to prevent oxidation and improve storage, brewing, etc.

Once the customer has approved the sample, I prepare the order, package it according to the quantity ordered, and label it in accordance with storage and transport regulations. I also assign it a lot number for traceability."